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All Circuits Lead to Alaska
All Circuits Lead to Alaska
Mixed Media

My Children both know how to read maps. Paper maps. My Son was a First-Class Scout who had to know how to use a map, and my Daughter started driving at 15 in SC, and did not have a smart phone or GPS! Imagine that! They now know how to do amazing things with their smart phones. I know enough to be dangerous. I love maps. My Son Zach collects old tourist maps. My Daughter used maps in her Food and Product Photography. I was given a new Oregon map when I visited Corvallis briefly this summer. I put the map and my purse then forgot about it.

When the call came to participate in this year’s virtual exhibit “ Mapping Memories” I came ready. I had the new Oregon map…now which Memory would I choose? I chose my Alaska trip with my Daughter Audra to celebrate her 30th Birthday. She lived in Chicago. I in Corvallis.

I pledged to only use only my Alaskan souvenirs and found objects in the house. No other items were purchased. The circuit breaker on the top right of the piece begins the journey. All circuits lead to Alaska. Along the way are some treasures of the trip, paintings, and map pieces. In the upper left corner is a switch plate. I decided not to use an actual switch and inserted a map piece instead. All wires were found in the 1960’s mansion where I am House Director at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins.

I have enjoyed this art challenge, and will give the piece to my Daughter. Perhaps another painting will emerge from my next trips…my Son’s 40th Birthday, location TBD or my 70th Birthday trip next month on the Rocky Mountaineer!!

I hope you all enjoy your journeys and their memories! Don’t forget your map, your smart phone may not have a charge!